comScore Iran Burns US Flag and Chants Death to America After Nuclear Deal Withdrawal

Iran Politicians Burn US Flag and Chant ‘Death to America’ After Trump Withdraws From Nuclear Deal

Iranian members of parliament burned a US flag and chanted “death to America” in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump, who made scrapping the deal a central campaign pledge, announced on Tuesday that he would be withdrawing the US from the Obama-era agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In the deal’s place, Trump said the US would impose the “highest level” of sanctions on the country.

The move ran against pleas from America’s allies in Europe, notably France, Germany and the UK, to remain in the deal and work to improve it.

Iranian politicians have long been fond of “death to America” chants, so a number of them naturally seized on Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal, holding an anti-US demonstration during a parliamentary session.

Also set on fire was a piece of paper with the nuclear deal on it.

Watch above, via the Guardian.

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