It’s Finally Happened! Twitter Officially Expands the Character Limit to 280

Can you hear that? Its the quaking fear coming from whatever White House intern is on Twitter detail, tasked with trying to keep President Donald Trump busy during those early morning hours.

The social media site has just announced that they are officially upping their character count to 280, twice the previous limit.

It’s happening! No more shortening of the word “really” to “rly.” No more “u” instead of “you.” No more mad scrambles to those web apps that shorten web links. OK, we’ll probably still do all of those things, but we’ll also be able to bore people with lengthier anecdotes as we do them.

This increased character limit was given a test run back in September, with some well known Twitter users receiving the golden ticket to grammatical freedom. Of note, President Trump was not one of these super-users.

The update has yet to roll out to the entire user base, so some of us will have to continue to make due with “self editing” and “picking and choosing words that actually make sense given the context of the points we are trying to make.”

Not for long, though! Not. For. Long.

[image via Twitter]

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