Jeb Bush Needs Fiber Because He Eats Nails Before Breakfast (Not Really)

Having admitted to encountering a bit of a “bumpy time” on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush offered proof of how tough he was when a Bloomberg Politics reporter asked him about the matter over the weekend. So what makes the former Florida governor so tough? His apparent penchant for eating nails before breakfast every day.

“Talk about your resilience, because some people don’t think you know how to fight,” the reporter asked Bush.

“They don’t know me,” he responded. “I eat nails when I wake up, then I have breakfast.”

Bush obviously meant the comment in jest. After all, except for the late Michel Lotito — the Frenchman famous for consuming entire bicycles, airplanes and other metallic objects — no one actually eats nails for breakfast. Nor before breakfast, for that matter.

Then again, Bush’s latest efforts to revitalize his campaign following his poor performance at the CNBC GOP debate are sure to affect his fellow Republican presidential hopefuls. What will Donald Trump boast about eating every morning to sound tough?

[h/t Talking Points Memo]
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