Joe Manchin Campaign Ad: “Crazy” John Raese Wants “One Thousand Lasers In The Sky”

Polls indicate that the West Virginia Senate race between Republican John Raese and the Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin is skewing in the GOP’s favor. So with only a week to go, Manchin’s latest campaign ad, “Good Message,” is going the whole nine yards. The carefully worded spot calls the Republican’s ideas (though not the Republican himself) “crazy,” and offers this Raese soundbite as evidence: “We need one thousand laser systems put in the sky. And we need it right now.”

The ad presents Raese’s plea for a Ronald Reagan-style laser defense system alongside other clips that show Raese saying things like “I don’t agree with minimum wage” and “We don’t need the Department of Education.” Manchin’s decision to focus not on his own record but rather on choice Raese quotes implies a last-ditch effort to close the slim margin that separates the two in polls. But is it…crazy enough to work?

Watch the ad below and judge for yourself (h/t GretaWire):

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