Kanye West Seems to Have Gone to Trump Tower For an Autograph

By now, you are well aware that Kanye West visited President-elect Donald Trump yesterday. Most people immediately pegged this as a “shiny distraction” from Trump, who didn’t want the media to focus on his appointment of Russia-friendly Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Whether or not he was truly using a distraction technique is debatable; the fact that the press latched onto West’s appearance at Trump Tower is not.

What he was doing there, though, is still a mystery. Yesterday, he and Trump both insisted they just met as friends. West indicated he had just wanted a photo.

A new post on Twitter may reveal more motives!

A photo with the incoming President and an autograph on Time‘s Person of the Year issue seem like good enough reasons for a millionaire music-maker and 2020 contender to make a trip to Midtown.

[image: screengrab]

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