Ken Blackwell Blames UCSB Shootings on Same-Sex Marriage

Well, someone was gonna do it, and it might as well be Family Research Council scholar Ken Blackwell.

Blackwell discussed the recent UCSB shootings during a radio interview with FRC president Tony Perkins (of course), and suggested that, of all things, marriage equality was responsible for Elliot Rodger’s rampage last week that left seven people dead. Blackwell, the former Republican mayor of Cincinnati, blamed the shootings on “the teaching of sexual roles and the development of human sexuality in our culture.

“When these fundamental institutions are attacked and destroyed and weakened and abandoned, you get what we are now seeing, and that is a flood of disturbed people in our society that are causing great pain,” he continued.

He also hinted that America didn’t want to have the conversation about how gay marriage is turning kids into psychopaths, and instead turn to “blaming the Second Amendment, or blaming knives, or blaming cars… This is a convenient way of avoiding what is the root cause.”

Listen below via Washington Watch with Tony Perkins:

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