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Larry Flynt Is Offering $1 Million for Compromising Tapes of Trump

flyntLarry Flynt, the notorious pornographer, provocateur, and free speech activist, is offering a bounty of $1 million for compromising video or audio of Donald Trump.

The publisher of Hustler said in a statement released Monday, “I have always celebrated women. Women in all shapes and sizes. To treat a woman like Mr. Trump himself has is both disappointing and unbelievable, especially coming from someone who wants to be our President.”

The statement specifies that the video or audio must be submitted in time to be used before the Nov. 8 election and must be “clearly showing Donald Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner.”

Flynt’s company has launched the site to field submissions. According to the statement, the the 73-year-old Flynt will be reviewing them himself.

There are reports of damaging tapes from Trump’s tenure as host of NBC’s The ApprenticeThe show’s producer, Mark Burnett, and the studio that owns the footage, MGM, issued a joint statement saying that they are prohibited from disclosing the footage because of contractual and legal restrictions. A GoFundMe was created to pay the legal fees of anybody brave enough to leak the tapes.

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