Lindsey Graham: I Told The Chinese Ambassador Trump is ‘Crazy’

Lindsey Graham paid a visit to the Columbia Rotary Club to discuss, among other things, President Donald Trump, and he reportedly fluctuated wildly in his depiction of the president.

According to The Charleston Post and Courier‘s Andy Shain, Graham related at the Rotary Club that he told the Chinese ambassador, “If you don’t think Trump’s crazy, then you’re crazy.”

But Graham also ostensibly sung Trump’s praises in the speech, calling him “a genius.” (Granted, he also called him “a handful” and “volatile.”)

Meanwhile, Graham has signed onto a letter which recommends Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, lauding him for his efforts in helping to broker peace in North Korea. He reiterated in this Rotary Club speech that Trump should win the prize should he succeed, and cracked that it “would be the first with mass casualties” because so many liberals would jump off buildings. Hardy har har.

Make up your mind, Lindsey: Are you with him or against him?

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