Man Films Dog, Dog Bites Shark

So. You guys know how I feel about sharks and the ocean and the fact that these are basically monster fish swimming around in a giant, dark pool of dead animal pee pee. It’s all just so gross and… lurky? Lurky. It’s just awful.

But a dog riding on a shark in the ocean? That I can tolerate.

As an Australian man provides a play-by-play (because of course), two little dogs paddle their way over a shiver of circling sharks. “Oh my God,” you’re thinking to yourself, because you didn’t notice the title of this post, somehow, “Is that shark gonna eat the living s#$% out of that dog! I must watch and find out. Also, how cool that I now know that a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver.'”

But, you guys, twist ending. The dog totally dives down and begins attacking the shark! What a baller thing for a little dog to do. Bonus: Random dead ocean monster!

Have a look:

h/t boingboing

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