Millennial Trump Supporter: He’s ‘Compassionate and Intelligent,’ and His Words Get Taken ‘Out of Context’

creanA young Trump supporter argued on CNN Monday morning that his candidate was a “compassionate and intelligent man” who gets a “bad rap” because people take his controversial remarks about minorities and women “out of context.”

“I think Trump really does get a bad rap,” explained Tom Crean, a member of the George Washington College Republicans. “I personally voted for Trump as my first ever vote. And I think he does get a bad rap because he is a movement of the people. Like, the establishment has been against him from the beginning, and I think that’s kind of a uniquely American campaign in a way. Because we, as a country, against the odds beat Great Britain.”

Crean said that Trump’s comments about Hispanics and Black Lives Matter had been taken “out of context.”

He continued: “Trump, I do believe, is a compassionate and intelligent man, and a lot of it is taken out of context and manipulated by his political enemies, which are many.”

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Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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