MSNBC Guest: Donald Trump Lost Ann Coulter…And Then ‘His Mind’


Losing the support of conservative pundit Ann Coulter sent President Donald Trump down a very bad path — according to one analyst appearing on MSNBC Monday.

Speaking with Craig Melvin on MSNBC Live, Mike Pesca — who hosts The Gist podcast for Slate — argued that losing Coulter’s backing for failing to deliver on the long-promised Southern border wall sent the president spiraling out of control.

“There was the old saying that when Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam war, [former President Lyndon Johnson] knew that when he lost Cronkite he lost America,” Pesca said. “But here, we have Donald Trump losing Ann Coulter, and then losing his mind.”

As far as Pesca is concerned, this mental lapse is leading the president down a long road to nowhere.

“There’s really no… end game on Trump’s part,” Pesca said. “I don’t see how he could possibly think how he’s going to win except to once again do that tautological thing of appealing to his base — which is smaller and smaller and shows no evidence… of being a winning political strategy.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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