Olympic Athlete Nearly Blows Gold Medal Thanks to Premature Celebration

Olympic races are so fierce and so competitive, sometimes a millisecond can be the difference between the jaws of victory and the agony of defeat. And one Olympian nearly lost the gold this morning in Sochi when he indulged in a bit of premature celebration just before reaching the finish line.

Emil Hegle Svendsen was just narrowly ahead of Martin Fourcade in the biathlon, but rather than powering all the way through to the end, he instead opted to throw his hands up in the air in celebration before he even passed the finish line. This allowed Fourcade to lunge ahead and bring the race down to a photo finish.

Luckily for Svendsen, the victory was his, but he came so painstakingly close to losing. Here’s the GIF-able moment when he almost blew it. Svendsen’s the lower one on the screen:

You can watch the video below, via BBC 2:

[h/t Business Insider]

[photo via screengrab]

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