Palin After Leaving Fox: ‘We Can’t Just Preach To The Choir,’ Conservatives Must ‘Broaden Their Audience’

Palin After Leaving Fox: 'We Can't Just Preach To The Choir...'

In her first interview since departing Fox News, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Breitbart News that she no longer wants to “just preach to the choir” and that conservatives must broaden their audience and go out of their comfort zone.

Calling for “more truth-telling in the media,” Palin encouraged her fellow conservatives to “step out in faith, jump out of the comfort zone, and broaden our reach as believers in American exceptionalism.” Such a move, she believes, will help in “broadening our audience.”

In leaving Fox, she said, “I’m taking my own advice here as I free up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation.”

We can’t just preach to the choir,” she said. “The message of liberty and true hope must be understood by a larger audience.”

Without indicating her own future plans, Palin simply said, “I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that. So we shall see.”

The former governor also praised radio hosts Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, as well as sites like Breitbart, as key voices in the conservative movement’s future who refuse to tow the GOP establishment’s “go along to get along” mentality.

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