Poll: Half of All Americans Think Media Overhyping Trump Allegations in Russia Probe

Half of the country thinks that the allegations involving President Donald Trump in the Russia probe are fake news.

Well, maybe not fake news. But overhyped news, at least.

That finding comes from a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out Friday. The survey says that 5o percent of Americans believe that media coverage of allegations involving Trump has been irresponsible/overdramatized. Thirty-four percent believe the coverage has been responsible/proper. And 12 percent say it’s too restrained.

Not surprisingly, respondents are split very much along party lines. A whopping 89 percent of Republicans believe the media coverage of the Trump allegations has been overhyped. Only 16 percent of Democrats believe that to be the case. Forty-eight percent of independents believe the media has overdone it.

It’s a good thing for the President that the public — by a slender majority — believes too much has been made of the allegations, given that most people don’t find him as credible as another key figure in the probe. The same poll finds that, by a 45-22 margin, Americans are more likely to believe former FBI Director James Comey than Trump. Twenty-one percent of respondents say they believe neither of them, while eight percent say they believe both.

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