Rachel Maddow Explains How Oil Spill May Totally Destroy Louisiana’s Defense Against Hurricanes

If you happened to catch any news reports this morning you likely know the Gulf spill is getting worse. Oil is beginning to wash up on the coast line of Lousiana and Alabama, and the Florida coast is bracing for the same in the next few days. Last night the top story on the homepage was about how the “nuclear” option to close the spill (something the Russians have used in the past) is actually gaining some traction, which is only slightly more alarming than the news BP is apparently reaching out to a coalition of Oscar winners for help.

Couple all this with reports that we might be facing an very active hurricane season ahead which could ostensibly push the oil into inland. Essentially it’s starting to look like the worse may come to pass, except since all this in unprecedented there is no measure of how worse worse is.

On her show last night Rachel Maddow, who has joined the cadre of anchors broadcasting from the Gulf explained why the Louisiana Wetlands, which make up 40% of the nation’s wetlands, are important particularly as buffers during hurricane season. In a devastating ironic twist if this years’ season is as active as predicted, they could suffer irreparable damage. The segment is a little Discovery Channel-esque, but fascinating nonetheless, and sadly it appears to be a subject we will probably become all too familiar with in the coming weeks.

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