Red 2 Uses Obama NSA Footage In Trailer: ‘The People In National Security Take This Work Seriously’

If you thought the NSA’s surveillance technology revealed by Edward Snowden seemed like something out of a espionage thriller, you weren’t alone. The trailer for Red 2—a Bruce Willis/Helen Mirren caper about an international spy squad—incorporates Obama’s June 19 press conference about the surveillance programs into footage of the film.

“I want to make it clear: nobody is listening to your telephone calls,” Obama says over ringing phones, and then, over quick clips of exploding cars and Mirren firing guns with both hands: “The people involved in national security take this work very seriously.”

The best use of Obama’s post-Snowden spin is “We’re going to have to make some choices.” Obama was referring to the alleged trade-off between privacy and security that has been posited to the public, especially since 9/11. On the trailer, though, a bomb expert is confronted with a red wire and green wire, one of which will disarm of the bomb and one which will ignite it.

He cuts both. Perhaps they’re saying something about America’s overkill approach to the war on terror? Probably not. But Obama can’t be happy that he’s now the serious-faced, pro-authority villain of light-hearted summer action flicks.

Watch the trailer here:

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