Regarding Possible Healthcare Premium Increases, Trevor Noah Asks, ‘What Did Old People Ever Do to Paul Ryan?’

On last night’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah took a look at the GOP’s new healthcare plan.

Like so many before him, he found it flawed. Moreover, he noted, like MSNBC’s Ali Velshi did, that the old and sick will be the ones who suffer most under a plan that is nominally about providing quality healthcare at a reasonable price.

He shared a report that said costs for some low-income older Americans would spike by a whopping 750%, bringing premiums that were once $1,700 up to $14,600.

“A 64-year-old would get a $13,000 increase. Goddamn,” signed Noah. “What did old people ever do to Paul Ryan, huh? Why would he do this?”

Next, he pointed out that the plan, which was largely authored and sponsored by Ryan, really looked nothing like the low-premium replacement for the Affordable Care Act that Donald Trump touted on the campaign trail. That, he said, is why even Trump’s people have been pulling away from the new proposal.

Watch above.

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