RNC Chair Reince Priebus Called Trump, Reportedly Asked Him to ‘Soften His Tone’

trump priebusA few weeks ago, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said Donald Trump‘s remarks on Mexican immigrant criminals and rapists were “not helpful.” Obviously he still feels that way, as a new Washington Post report tonight says Priebus personally called Trump today to ask him to tone it down.

According to the Post, top GOP officials and donors had been discussing for days how best to handle The Donald’s musings, seeing as how he’s stealing the spotlight from the other candidates and all and, as the Post puts it, becoming “a cause for serious alarm.”

And so Priebus called Trump and they spoke for roughly 45 minutes. And as multiple individuals familiar with the call relayed, the phrase “tone it down” was used numerous times.

Priebus reportedly conveyed to Trump that Hispanic outreach is important and what he says matters.

It’s not clear exactly when today the call took place, but Trump gave two big interviews today in which he didn’t back down.

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