RNC Officially Votes to Cut Ties to NBC for Upcoming Debate (UPDATE: CNN Hosting Instead)

Republican-National-CommitteeThe RNC today officially severed ties with NBC for an upcoming primary debate over that now-infamous CNBC debate a few months ago.

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t this happen already?” Well, sort of. After that CNBC debate––marked by questions the candidates, the party, and many in the media deemed too mean-spirited––the RNC announced the suspension of its partnership with NBC for a February debate. Reince Priebus said they were “betrayed” and the GOP was looking elsewhere for debate partners.

But today, Politico reports, the RNC actually voted to completely sever ties with NBC to affirm that whatever negotiations had been going on behind the scenes didn’t exactly pan out. NBC had said at the time they wanted to try and work this out.

Breitbart originally reported the news and said that there was a conference call earlier today held by the RNC’s Debate Committee.

NBC hosted last night’s Democratic debate, and the RNC has upcoming debates scheduled with Fox News, ABC News, CBS, and CNN.

UPDATE –– 10:58 pm EST: The RNC announced after the vote that CNN will be hosting the February 25th debate instead.

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