Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wants To ‘Erase Every Trace of Reagan From America’

Rush Limbaugh claimed Friday that President Obama wanted to “erase every trace of Reagan from America” because he is “threatened” by the Reagan’s success. He seeks to be a “truly transformational president,” Limbaugh said and therefore must get rid of Reagan’s legacy.

According to Limbaugh, “Obama has a lot of admiration for Reagan” but only in the sense that “Reagan genuinely changed the trajectory of this country.”

Limbaugh says Democrats believe Obama has now proven contrary that to Reagan’s policies, raising taxes actually causes economic growth. But Limbaugh says it actually only causes government growth. He describes a future in which the “only reference” to Reagan in academic text books is one small paragraph about all that Reagan destroyed.

Among Obama’s top 5 objectives, Limbaugh says, “is to erase all vestiges of the Reagan years, to have an entire and total complete revision of the history of the Reagan years.” Democrats are threatened by the Reagan years because they “demonstrated” how “dangerously wrong” Dems were. “That’s why there’s been a constant rewriting of history ever since Reagan was in office and even while he was in office,” Limbaugh says.

Limbaugh also claims there’s not much “opposition” to Obama in government because Republicans are afraid to disagree with him.

Have a listen, below:

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