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Salon Union Finally Recognized By Management After a Month-Long Standoff

salon website writers guild unionAfter almost a month of back-and-forth negotiations, stall tactics and other maneuvers, Salon Media Group has finally reached an agreement with the website’s writers to form and approve a union.

International Business Times reports that Salon’s management finally accepted the request for unionization from its writers late Friday, barely a day after they tried to complicate and end the on-the-table deal proposed by the editorial staff. The management’s argument was that certain editors and writers were actually managers instead of the other way around.

“Our employees are very important to us, and we are carefully considering their request,” Salon CEO Cindy Jeffers said on Wednesday.

At the beginning of the month, Salon’s writing staff and employees voted to unionize, hoping to garner a deal with the Writers Guild of America, East similar to what Gawker Media and Guardian US recently achieved with their respective management.

WGAE Director of Communications Jason Gordon wouldn’t confirm whether or not the deal had been approved, but he did tell IBT on Saturday that an official statement regarding the negotiation’s outcome was pending.

[h/t International Business Times]
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