Sen. Ted Cruz Won’t Call Gov. Christie ‘Wrong’ For Labeling Rand Paul’s Libertarianism ‘Dangerous’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went on Andrea Tantaros’ radio show Monday and the host quickly tried to get the senator to weigh in on the growing feud between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Cruz diplomatically said Christie is “entitled to his opinions” and “does not seem shy about sharing them.”

“Chris Christie is attacking your friend,” Tantaros began. “Are you going to take that Senator?” She was referring to remarks Christie made labeling Paul’s brand of libertarianism “a very dangerous thought.”

“Governor Christie is certainly entitled to his opinions,” Cruz responded. “And he does not seem shy about sharing them.” Offering his own opinion on the substance of the argument, Cruz said “the principles of liberty are the foundation of this country.” He added that one of the “deep frustrations” so many Americans have with politicians on both sides of the aisle is that they’ve “lost sight of liberty.”

When Tantaros pressed Cruz on whether he thought Christie’s statements were “wrong,” he would only repeat that the governor is “entitled to his opinion.”

Listen to audio below:

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