Someone Is Hacking Terrestrial Radio Stations To Make Them Play ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ on Loop


Donald Trump diss tracks are nothing new. Green DayEminem, Gorillaz, and even Nicki Minaj have taken aim at the new president in their lyrics, but YG and Nipsey Hussle took it to the next level with their song “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).”

According to The Verge, radio stations around the country have been playing the song… but not on purpose.

Did you even know that radio stations could be hacked? It’s weird but true. On Inauguration Day, Crescent Hill Radio in Kentucky, El Jefe 96.7 in Tennessee, Mother of the Redeemer Radio in Indiana, and 100.5 KCGF-LP in Texas all reportedly had loops of the song playing for hours. Crescent Hill even had to go off-air for a while to sort out the issue.

Affected stations soon realized that it was their Barix Estreamer devices that were giving hackers the chance to commandeer the airwaves. Apparently, those Internet-connected devices come unsecured and none of the stations had set a password.

Still, figuring that out hasn’t totally stopped the problem. As recently as three days ago, WFBS-FM in Salem, South Carolina, was playing “FDT” all day. According to Buzzfeed, their president has plans to contact the FCC and pursue prosecution.

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