Sunday Show Highlights: A Whole Lot Of Kagan Going On


This weekend’s Sunday shows felt a bit like an hours-long Elena Kagan-fest. For a candidate with no paper trail, and whose views (in so far as they have been revealed) are considered not overly polarizing to the left or the right, she is certainly generating a lot of chatter. Perhaps even more so considering this has not been what you might call a slow news week. Nevertheless, the pundits had a lot to say about Kagan (and one or two other things). Here are the highlights from Sunday, click through for video clips.

    Laura Bush Thinks Kagan Is A ‘Great’ Nominee
    : Fox News Sunday aired a taped interview with Bush this morning during which she took a moment to weigh in on the Kagan nomination and what it would mean to have three women serving on the Supreme Court at the same time.

    George Will: ‘Unfair’ To Say Kagan Kicked Military Off Harvard Campus: George Will came to Elena Kagan’s defense on This Week today…sort of. During a a roundtable discussion about the possible challenges Elena Kagan’s confirmation might face Will spoke out against the prevailing issue the right has with Kagan, namely her restriction of military recruiters on the Harvard campus when she was dean of the law school there. Said Will: “It is unfair to say that she kicked the military off Harvard’s campus. Harvard did that.” Don’t worry, Will drops a second shoe here.

    Newt Gingrich Calls For Obama To Withdraw Kagan Nomination: If it’s up to Newt Gringrich the Elena Kagan confirmation process will not be a smooth one. On Fox News Sunday this morning, Gingrich took the right’s main opposition to Kagan — namely that she tried to restrict military recruiters’ access to Harvard campus based on her opposition to DADT — one step further, calling for President Obama to withdraw Kagan’s nomination.

    Peggy Noonan Calls John McCain’s ‘Dang Fence’ Commercial ‘Desperate’
    : The Meet the Press roundtable has some not-so-pleasant things to say about John McCain and his latest “complete the dang fence” campaign commercial. Said panelist Peggy Noonan after viewing the video: “Yes, ‘oh dang’ was the worst part. I don’t know its impact, it seems desperate.” It didn’t stop there.

    Facebook bonus!

    Sarah Palin Tackles The Immigration Debate: ‘We’re All Arizonans Now’
    : Is there anybody alive on the planet better at whipping up catchy political slogans than Sarah Palin? The woman is really unmatched in her ability to sum up national issues in one line or less. Today’s contribution to the political conversation comes, as per usual, via her Facebook page. It is about the Arizona Immigration law, and while she makes no direct mention of it I imagine she was re-inspired to weigh in on the controversy after a national poll revealed that almost 75% of the country supports the law. Here’s what she had to say:

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