Sydney Leathers: ‘The Nicest Guy on Fox News’ Is…

Anthony Weiner may have hated Sean Hannity more than any other conservative, but according to his sexting partner Sydney Leathers, Hannity is “the nicest guy on Fox News.” Leathers recently spoke to the FOX411 blog about her experience on Hannity’s show and her plans for the future.

“He’s the nicest guy on Fox News,” Leathers said of Hannity. “We had a good banter.” She also clarified a comment she made about the women of Fox being “fembots,” saying, “I didn’t mean all of them, a few specific ones that are very similar.”

As for her political aspirations, Leathers, who originally met Weiner through their shared liberal ideology explained, “I always said I would like to work on a political campaign, but behind the scenes. I would not want to be front and center.” She also expressed some interest in joining the world of talk raido, saying, “there are some talks of me co-hosting a radio show.”

Reflecting on her impact on Weiner’s political future, Leathers said, “I feel like there are other women who don’t want to come forward [about Weiner]. I’m not trying to call myself some whistleblower, and someone is lying, and you claim to care about politics. In hindsight, I did the right thing.”

Watch Leathers’ full interview with Hannity below, via Fox News, in case you missed it:

[photo via screengrab]

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