Take a Tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum Before It Opens

More than 13 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, a museum commemorating that day and the people who died is set to open tomorrow beneath the World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower.

Below what became known as “ground zero” in lower Manhattan, the 9/11 museum will open its doors to the public tomorrow. The emotional journey that visitors to that museum will be taken on is meant to remind viewers of the events of that day in vivid detail.

Among the exhibits include interactive features that allow visitors to hear relatives of those lost in the attacks remember their loved ones, artifacts of the destroyed towers and the planes which impacted them, and areas where visitors can record their own thoughts on the attacks and their aftermath.

One of the most controversial features of the new museum is an exhibit that details the rise of al Qaeda and modern Islamic extremism. The exhibit displays the faces of the 19 hijackers who took control of four passenger airplanes on that day.

“Some questioned whether that was glorifying villains and suggested it would be hurtful to survivors,” ABC News reported, “but organizers said it was necessary if the actual events were to be portrayed accurately and completely.”

Watch a tour of the museum via NBC:

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