Tapper Suggests ‘Business End of a Shovel’ For Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli’s Smirky Puss

tapperJake Tapper is known for his tough interviews and wry news readings, but some might not be aware that he’s also a gifted writer with a flair for imagery. It was the latter skill that Tapper put to use Thursday afternoon on CNN’s The Lead when he described the scene on Capitol Hill today. Martin Shkreli, the man most generously described as “Pharma bro,” appeared before Congress today in what was either testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, or a cleverly-disguised performance art installation sponsored by Masengill.

Shkreli pled the fifth throughout, but in the most vinegary and watery way possible, and fired off a bunch of tweets afterwards. Tapper summed up the feelings of most people familiar with the price-gouging executive’s ways:

“I’m sure there are many ailing individuals out there who might like to remove Shkreli’s smile with the business end of a shovel.”

If cable news ever deserved an “Amen,” it got one this time.

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