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The Junk Grabbing Photo You’ll Be Seeing All Day Today

Sometimes all it takes to launch another wave of talk about a hot topic is an image. And when it comes to junk grabbing, that picture comes to us today from Denver.

The Denver Post, in a front-page story Thursday morning, captures the entire debate over intensive hand-pat searches with one shot: a TSA employee with his gloved hand firmly in the junk zone of a passenger who remains–for his sake–happily unidentifiable. The TSA worker even seems to be struggling–his face fixed in a disturbing grimace.

The debate over hand searches launched into the top slot of most cable newscasts Monday with the camera-phone-captured encounter between TSA workers and a flyer who compared the searches to “sexual assault,” and advised agents not to “touch my junk.”

The shot got play on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and will surely be more than enough to spark another whirl of cable net debate ahead of the Thanksgiving travel boom.

So this is junk grabbing. Yes, it looks every bit as unpleasant as advertised. Watch the Morning Joe crew discuss it this morning on MSNBC:

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