There Is Now an Official ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Super PAC

Last week, a New York man who participated in a “die-in” in protest of police brutality came up with what he thought would be a good use of the “I Can’t Breathe” chant used by protesters to decry the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the police: forming a Super PAC actually called the I Can’t Breathe PAC.

Yes, Tarik Mohamed filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission [PDF] to form I Can’t Breathe PAC, and it was approved by the FEC this week.

So by this point, you’re probably wondering why someone would do this and what purpose it serves. Well, Mohamed wants to take the protests and demands for change and make it something bigger:

“It’s about capturing that social inertia and giving it a political voice, not just a voice in the street, but a voice in the airwaves come election time,” Mohamed told the Center for Public Integrity.

Mohamed said the super PAC will support candidates who favor criminal justice reform, including requiring special prosecutors for police brutality cases.

It’s worth noting here that Garner protesters didn’t exactly like the idea of one woman trying to trademark “I Can’t Breathe” to sell shirts. Is this that much different?

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