They’re Already Here: The Real “V” Cult


rep1While the White House remains unconcerned with the comparisons being drawn between themselves and the villainous alien lizards of ABC’s “V” (although Jake Tapper confirms delivery of the “V” premiere to Robert Gibbs’ office), there are those who believe that reptiles in disguise live among us (a key plot point in “V”), and always have. They claim to have video of an actual Reptilian alien. Welcome to, “Your #1 Source for Truth.”

I first ran across a few years ago, and spent an hour or so laughing at the comic genius on display. The site, which looks like it was designed during the OJ Simpson trial, spends a great deal of time arguing for skepticism, before insisting that only an idiot would not believe that the Earth is run by Reptilian aliens that disguise themselves as humans. The site seems like a goof, but it’s not. The Reptilian mythology permeates ancient alien websites.

While not the most compelling proof that Reptilian aliens created mankind and rule them to this day, this is some pretty airtight logic:

Most importantly, doesn’t it seem rather odd to you that, in the 5,500 years of recorded history, there has never been an official school of thought that states, “The current ruling elite of Earth created humanity,” or one that states, “Aliens created humanity”? Well, the reason why these two schools of thought have never come to fruition is because Earth’s alien rulers would never dare allow such concepts (in other words, the truth) to be openly discussed in academia.

Still not convinced? has video of what they say is an actual Reptilian alien (you can go to the site to see 2 other versions in hilarious slo-mo):

OK, that was a little unnerving. While skepticism is warranted, would it hurt to open up a DHS file on the Reptilians? I’m just saying.

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