‘This is a Boring Scandal’ Says Fox News’ Jesse Watters, As His Colleagues Look on

On The Five last night, Jesse Watters became the latest member of the Fox News’ “nothing to see here” brigade.

The often controversial Fox News host launched an extended monologue, Tuesday, essentially arguing that since most Americans probably didn’t know who James Comey was and that since the Comey memo’s didn’t involve sex or “dead bodies” it was a “boring scandal.”

“If I went out tomorrow on the street and I asked ten people who James Comey was, I’d probably maybe get three, maybe four, who knew, depending on the neighborhood,” said Watters to Fox News anchor Bret Baier. “This is a scandal with no video, with no audio, with no sex, with no money, with no dead bodies. It’s a boring scandal. No one knows the deputy AG’s name, no one can pronounce the Russian defense minister’s name.”

Baier seemingly struggled to suppress a smile as the words “boring scandal” escaped Watters lips.

“Well listen I think that you’re right in that there is a large section of the country that would like Washington to work on something else,” said Baier. “But it is a big story, I mean potentially.”

Unsaid of course, is that if Americans aren’t fully versed on the Comey scandal it might be because Fox News has used their tremendously powerful megaphone to try and change the subject to something else.

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