TIME Magazine Now Falsely Claiming Bernie Sanders Himself Yelled ‘English Only’

Bernie SandersOnly a few days after media outlets erroneously reported that Bernie Sanders supporters chanted “English only” during the Democratic Nevada caucus, TIME Magazine went a step further and erroneously claimed that Sanders himself yelled “English only.”

TIME‘s preface to an interview of Clinton supporter David Brock contains the following paragraph:

All the pushback on misleading news reports that Bernie Sanders won the Latino vote (he didn’t) in Nevada, trackers following Sanders catching his every gaffe like when he yelled “English, only!” into a mic at a Nevada event or pushing polling showing Clinton winning amongst African Americans in South Carolina—those all come from from Brock.

Simply put, the bolded section is 100% wrong. At no point did anyone accuse Sanders of personally yelling into a microphone “English only,” a fact a simple Google search would have verified.

Sanders supporters were accused of chanting “English only,” but that accusation was soon cast into doubt. The two celebrities who levied that charge were both outspoken Clinton supporters, and video taken of the caucus seemed to show that Sanders supporters didn’t chant anything. The urban legend-busting website Snopes rated the Clinton supporters’ claim false.

UPDATE (7:52 PM ET): The offending correction has been appended to the TIME piece:

Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly attributed a statement from a Feb. 20 caucus event in Nevada to Bernie Sanders. Sanders was not present.

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