Tom Selleck Accused of Stealing Hydrant Water for His California Ranch

shutterstock_176551409Tom Selleck made his name starring as a by-his-own-rules private detective, but now he’s the subject of some real-life sleuthi– [The author unexpectedly perished after writing this lede. The remainder of this post was composed by a helper monkey.]

Selleck has been accused by Ventura County of stealing water from hydrants and trucking it back to his private Hidden Valley avocado ranch.

According to the Calleguas Municipal Water District more than a dozen such runs have occurred over the past two years, despite a 2013 cease-and-desist order. The county finally got tired of it and hired a private investigator to track the water theft.

Per the Los Angeles Times:

As recently as March 2015, the water truck was spotted filling up at the same hydrant and delivering water to Selleck’s estate on four separate days, according to the complaint.

It appears the theft is less the issue than the county line: Selleck is stealing from Thousand Oaks when he lives in Hidden Valley.

An historic drought has drained major reservoirs and caused California to induce water rationing. Nonetheless, Hollywood celebrities have been criticized for their continued usage of water to maintain their palatial lawns.

[h/t Los Angeles Times]
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