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Trevor Noah: Lots of Liberals ‘Not Ready to Hear the Truth from Their Side’

trevorDaily Show host Trevor Noah chatted with Playboy in an interview out today about everything from Donald Trump to the Clintons to the advice he’s gotten from a lot of comedians about taking over the late night show.

But right off the top, he was asked about the “war on bullshit” Jon Stewart left viewers on, and how he’s continued it.

Noah said it’s hard because “a lot of people simply don’t want the whole truth,” and that’s not just true of Republicans, because “I find that a lot of Democrats and liberals are not ready to hear the truth from their side.”

Noah has previously lampooned how much Sanders fans freak out when you dare question His Holiness, and in the interview he got more specific:

What is the point of having your candidate pushed to a certain level only to crumble under scrutiny because you didn’t give them enough scrutiny early on? Bernie Sanders didn’t have solid policy proposals, so I pointed that out. “Screw you, Trevor Noah!” Or I made the case that Hillary Clinton panders to whatever audience is listening to her. People are like, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Come on, guys.

You can read the full interview here.

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