Trump Jr. Defends Skittles-Refugees Tweet: ‘We Can’t Be Naive’ to Foreign Threats

trump-jr-2Donald Trump, Jr. has been scolded and derided all over the place for using a Skittles metaphor to explain their issues with letting refugees into America, but today he defended the use of the image and the point he was making.

Trump told the Deseret News that he wasn’t talking about that specific ratio (even if the image did have a specific number there) and was just trying to say it’s a problem “if we’re not vetting people and we’re arbitrarily letting them into a country.”

He called his father a “realist” on the immigration issue because he understands the threat better than others:

“We’ve seen what’s going on in Europe. We can’t be naive to that and pretend that’s not happening there,” Trump Jr. said. “If there’s one death associated with it because we messed up and we didn’t do it right, that’s a problem for me.”

Conservative pundits have defended Trump over his analogy, decrying political correctness on the left as the driving force behind the outrage.

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