Trump Lawyer: Libel Lawsuit Against NY Times ‘A Distinct Possibility’

trump nytAfter Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage against The New York Times Monday for its story detailing his history of troubling conduct towards women, a top Trump executive told CNN that a lawsuit against the paper was a “distinct possibility.”

Host Erin Burnett asked Trump attorney Jill Martin about Trump’s tweets, which included calling the story “libelous” and “malicious.” “You as lawyer for the Trump organization, are you planning on filing suit against New York Times?” Burnett asked.

“I think that is a distinct possibility,” Martin said. “I haven’t talked to him about it personally, but you know when he’s attacked like that and things are said falsely, he definitely fires back.”

Trump has a history of threatening lawsuits against media organizations. Just Monday, LawNewz dug up a video of the time Trump even threatened to sue satirical newspaper The Onion for a joke story he didn’t care for.

UPDATE (9:56 AM ET): Trump’s legal team walked back the idea of a lawsuit on CNN’s New Day Tuesday.

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