Watch What Happens When the Amazon Echo Employs Alex Jones

Pretty much since the moment Amazon introduced the Echo to the public, we have seen parodies of the product’s commercials, aimed directly at the digital assistant, Alexa. Generally, it’s been Alexa’s standard answers to questions replaced with comedic one-liners.

Well, a new one has come out and is extremely topical. With Megyn Kelly’s much-discussed interview with InfoWars founder Alex Jones set to air tonight on NBC, we’ve now been presented with Amazon Echo featuring Alexa Jones.

Utilizing the Echo’s initial 2-minute ad featuring a picture-perfect family trying out the product, Jones’ rants have been inserted in place of Alexa’s voice in the parody video, all to hilarious effect.

For example, when the father asks Alexa what does it do, we get Jones shouting “teach people about the sexual pleasure of eating turds!”

In response to the mother wanting to know what time it is, we hear Jones’ ominously stating “time to die.”

And this Echo doesn’t seem to be too responsive when asked for basic facts like how to spell a word or how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon, as Alexa Jones cusses out the family over these requests.

Watch the entire uproarious clip above, via YouTube user Mike Toomey.

[image via screengrab]

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