Wolf Blitzer Trolls Trump For Constantly Using Term ‘Fake News’

Now, we all know that President Donald Trump loves to use the term “fake news,” especially when he’s taking aim at his favorite target — the mainstream media. We’ve seen the president call individual reporters, networks, and media outlets “fake news,” typically when they’ve delivered negative news about him and his administration.

Well, with a big report out today that Russia planted a false news story related to Qatar to create turmoil between the US and its allies, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer decided to differentiate for the audience the difference between what Russia did and what Trump constantly complains about.

“It is not the kind of fake news that the president refers to because that’s not fake news,” Blitzer said, responding to reporter Evan Perez, who was providing details of the story. “This is a serious false news account.”

As Wolf has proven recently, trolling isn’t beneath him. After Fox News debuted their new 5 PM program The Fox News Specialists, Blitzer has taken to using the term “specialists” during his broadcast on a frequent basis.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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