Maher Panel Clashes Over Kate Smith Controversy: ‘Political Correctness’ Is Just ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’

A panel on Real Time With Bill Maher debated the controversy over the late opera singer Kate Smith Friday night and talk quickly turned to political correctness.

Smith’s statue was once located near the Wells Fargo Center, home to the Philadelphia Flyers.

However, after songs by Smith containing racist lyrics were uncovered, her rendition of God Bless America was taken out of the Flyers’ musical lineup and her statue was removed.

“If things keep going the way they are, with extreme political correctness or extreme identity politics progressing at warp speed, then those wagging a finger today may be on the other end of it tomorrow,” panelist Bob Costas said.

John Avlon then jumped in to say that it was more than that and our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inevitably “look back and think we are monsters or idiots or something.”

“I think it is great when people realize the mistakes they’ve made and apologize for them, I accept apologies, ” Zerlina Maxwell then added during the fast-paced discussion, prompting Maher to remind her that Smith was dead.

She then admitted that for sure, considering Smith was dead, her case was not a perfect example.

“But I do think that political correctness essentially is just don’t be an asshole. That is all we are asking,” Maxwell then stressed, prompting audience applause. “I’m not saying that some people don’t go too far but that is a fundamental thing.”

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