BP Oil Disaster

Back To Politics! Cable News Bored With Oil Disaster, Ready For Midterms

Fox’s Shep Smith Is Not Convinced The BP Oil Has ‘Disappeared’

Paging Joe Barton: Robert Gibbs Won’t Apologize to Tony Hayward

Lawrence O’Donnell Explores The Sudden Blackout Of The BP Oil Well Live Feed

Greta Van Susteren Sits Down With New BP CEO Bob Dudley After Transition Announced

Mother Jones Criticizes Media For Helping BP “Pretend There’s No Oil” In The Gulf

FNC’s Serrie On BP Disaster: ‘No One Could Have Predicted How Significant The Spill Would Be’

ABC’s David Muir On BP Disaster: ‘Who’s In Charge’ Has Been ‘An Exasperating Question’

Robert Gibbs, Along With Everyone Else, Is Not Feeling ‘Overly Sorry’ For BP CEO Tony Hayward

NBC’s Anne Thompson, Live From The Gulf: ‘I Get Frustrated With BP Like Any Reporter’

Bill O’Reilly On Tony Hayward: “I’m Giving al-Qaeda Directions To His House”

100 Days In, Another Look At The BP Oil Disaster And Recovery Effort

President Obama Plans Gulf Coast Family Vacation In August

Greenpeace China Releases Terrifying Images From Chinese Oil Spill

UK PM David Cameron Promises To Cooperate With US Investigation Into Lockerbie Bomber Release

Exploding Water? Gulf Water Sample Tested For Oil Explodes In Lab

News Arc Of The Day: BP vs. Feds On What To Do About This Nasty Seep

David Vitter: Obama Is ‘Politically Motivated’ To Sweep Oil Disaster Under The Rug

Glenn Beck Is Outraged By Michelle Obama’s Beachwear During Her Gulf Coast Visit

Bill O’Reilly Names James Carville Today’s Patriot For Opposing Drilling Moratorium

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