Biden Grumpily Clarifies His Comments About Beating Up Trump: ‘Go Back and Read What I Said’

Watch Absolutely Insane Brawl Between Miguel Cabrera and Yankees Catcher Austin Romine

Bryce Harper Starts Fight After Getting Hit by Pitch During Nationals-Giants Game

Watch: Fort Lauderdale Airport Melts Down After Nine Flights Canceled

WATCH: New Orleans Player Appears to Choke Teammate in Heated Argument During NCAA Opener

‘He’s Gonna Get it’: NASCAR Driver Punches Rival in the Face After Last Lap Wreck

Coach Shakes Hands With Invisible Players After Opposing Team Stormed Off the Court

WATCH: Justin Bieber Clearly Wanted to Throw Down During a Pickup Hockey Game

Alex Jones and Glenn Beck Need a Time-Out Before This Fight Gets Any More Immature

Alabama Mayor, City Councilman Beat the Sh*t Out of Each Other

WATCH: Woman Snatches Veggie Steamer From Child During Black Friday Mayhem

WATCH: Fight Breaks Out at Trump Rally Between Supporters and Protesters

Fight Breaks After Drone Drops Drugs Off at Ohio Prison Yard

Panera Fires Big Manager Who Punched His Tiny Ex-Employee in Viral Video

Confederate Flag Supporters and Protesters Brawled at the S.C. Statehouse

Sarah Palin and Family Allegedly Involved in Giant Drunken Brawl at Snowmobile Party

Gang of Teens Caught on Video Attacking Supermarket Employees

Judge Tells Attorney ‘I’ll Beat Your Ass,’ Actually Does It

Clearly Irritated Monkey Punches TV Host on the Air

So the George Zimmerman Fight Might Not Be Canceled After All

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