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Glenn Beck Accuses Black Lives Matter of Being Responsible For Chicago Torture Video

The Blaze Recalls and Suspends War Reporter For Shooting at ISIS Militants

Alex Jones Wonders if Glenn Beck Is Secretly Gay: ‘The Guy Is Super Feminine’

‘Sincerely, Has She Had a Brain Aneurysm?’: Glenn Beck Wonders What’s Happened to Sarah Palin

After Big Daily Show Showdown, Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren Defend One Another on Twitter

Tomi Lahren Explains That She’s Not a ‘Big Reader,’ Believes Clintons Have Murdered People

Tomi Lahren Appearing on Trump’s Live Stream Last Night Has to Be Proof #TrumpTV Is a Go

In New Profile, The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren Addresses Rumors She Will Join Trump Media Network

Report: The Blaze Censored Negative Story About Laura Ingraham After She Personally Complained

‘Halle-frigging-lujah!’: Self-Described ‘White Girl’ Cheers Lil Wayne for Saying Racism Doesn’t Exist

White Conservative Pundit Rips Colin Kaepernick and Black Fathers ‘Like His’

Petition for Tomi Lahren to Be Removed From The Blaze Hits Its 15,000 Signature Goal

The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren: People of Color ‘Get a Free Pass’ in the ‘Melanin Showdown’

Dana Loesch Defends ‘Flat-Chested’ Comments, Attacks Trump Supporters’ ‘Zealous Hypocrisy’

Beyoncé Asked the Blaze’s Tomi Lahren If She Could Use That Anti-‘Formation’ Tirade on Tour

Glenn Beck: Breitbart Has Become Pravda, ‘Looks Like They’re in Full-on Collapse’

TMZ and The Blaze Reporters Go At Each Other Over Attempted Takedown of Beyonce

Anchor Goes on Tirade Against Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show for Being Unfair to ‘Little White Girls’

Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Slams Ethics of ‘Professional Polarizer’ Glenn Beck and The Blaze

Glenn Beck: President Trump Would Work Overnight to Shut Down The Blaze

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