BREAKING: Republicans Defy Trump on Border Emergency as President Pledges ‘VETO!’


The Republican-controlled Senate voted on Thursday to reject President Donald Trump‘s national emergency declaration at the southern border.

12 Republicans defected from the president to ensure the declaration’s failure in the Senate, in a rebuke that will set up Trump for a veto. The vote to cancel Trump’s border emergency — which would allocate $3.6 billion more on border barriers than Congress had allowed — passed 59-41.

Sen. Thom Tillis, notably, voted with the president, and against cancelling his proclamation. The North Carolina Republican had just last month written an op-ed for the Washington Post pledging to vote against the emergency, on the grounds that he could not “justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass Congress.”

Trump had already pledged to veto any effort by the Senate to block his emergency proclamation, and issued a simple response to the vote on Thursday:

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