Geraldo Rivera Says Trump’s Legacy Will Be ‘Forever Marred’ By Family Separation

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera argued with Dan Bongino that President Donald Trump’s legacy in office will be “marred” by his policy on family separation.

Both men were on Fox & Friends Friday morning, where they were asked by host Steve Doocy to talk about immigration.

“My take President Trump has seen a soft spot with the American people. They’re tired of lawlessness. It is not an anti-immigration issue. It is a anti-illegal immigration issue. I think he should double down,” Bongino said.

Rivera disagreed, saying “What you have now xenophobic immigrants are bad unless they come with a hefty checkbook. I heard Ken Cuccinelli send us your tired, poor, huddled masses with a 401(k).”

Rivera then turned to Trump’s harsh language toward immigrants.

“I just think as if you make immigration us and them as the president’s tone in New Hampshire seemed to indicate, the good Americans and bad others will come from other places, they will overwhelm us, military analogies and invasion, so forth, when you do that, you really dim I think the mystique of America that makes us great,” he said.

“The president’s legacy will be forever marred by the fact that children were taken from their parents,” Rivera continued. “That draconian policy that was so unnecessary.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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