Trump is Reportedly Noticing That One of His Most Vocal Surrogates Has Been Off the Air at CNN

President Donald Trump has taken shot after shot at CNN during the course of his administration. And now, he has reportedly taken note of the recent absence of the man who slugs it out on his behalf over the network’s air.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump has noticed that Steve Cortes has gone missing from CNN’s mega-panels and other debate segments.

“Where’s Steve?” Trump has repeatedly asked — according to two unnamed officials who have heard the president make the remark in the White House.

Cortes is part of Trump’s 2020 advisory board. He also serves as a paid contributor at CNN.

The Trump surrogate recently got in some hot water with his colleagues over his characterization of media reporting on the president’s comments about Charlottesville. In a video for PragerU, Cortes accused the media of committing “journalistic malfeasance” by saying that Trump described Nazis as “very fine people.”

“Calling this a ‘malicious lie’ (which it’s not) and ‘journalistic malfeasance’ (which it’s also not) is a weird thing for someone who is a paid CNN commentator to say, given the network’s accurate reporting on the matter,” said CNN’s Oliver Darcy, in response.

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