Trump Promotes American Idol-Style MAGA Talent Show, And the First Entry is a Doozy

President Donald Trump took the promotional power to a curiously new place on Friday afternoon, when he announced something called MAGACHALLENGE that appears to have been created by Twitter user @SuriusVsVodka, aka “Maga Boy,” aka “Bryson Gray,” aka what the hell is going on here?

Trump tweeted that he will be announcing winners of this contest and inviting them to the White House to meet with the president and perform for others in attendance. Trump tweeted:

The source tweet that President Trump quote-tweeted appears to show an individual wearing a series of MAGA hats while rapping to a camera. It’s not clear what happens later in the video as this writer could not be bothered to watch past the first 10 seconds. Sorry.

What exactly is the MAGACHALLENGE? Let’s go to Daily Beast’s Will Sommer for the report. What are you learning Will?

Interesting. Now Will, are you still planning on competing yourself in the MAGACHALLENGE? I know you’ve been privately bragging about your MAGA schtick.


It appears we are having audio problems with Will. Thanks for the report.

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