comScore Trump Says He Loves 'Other People's Money' in Bizarre College Loan Speech

Trump Says He Loves ‘Other Peoples’ Money’ in Bizarre College Loan Speech

In a bizarre address during a “free speech” event, President Donald Trump promised to deal with rising college student debt in the country.

“It’s outrageous what’s happening,” he said. “You’re not given that fair start. You’re too far down. It’s not right, and we’re gonna work very very hard to get it fixed.”

One in every four Americans, which amounts to over 44 million people, are paying off college student loans debt. Collectively, close to $1.5 trillion is owed in student loan debt in the United States. Trump said he plans to deal with the loans, joking that he “loves other people’s money.”

“We’re gonna talk about that very soon. We’re gonna work on that very soon,” he said. “I’ve always been very good with loans. I love loans. I love other people’s money. We’re gonna work on it.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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