Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump for Speaking ‘Hypocritically’ About Civility at Rally

On Wednesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper called out President Donald Trump for “hypocritically” addressing civility at his rally on the same day as suspicious packages prompted a bomb scare at CNN’s New York headquarters and at other places across the country,  including packages sent to the Obamas, the Clintons and others.

After breaking into Trump’s rally speech,  Cooper pointed out that Trump was “speaking quite hypocritically, I just have to say.”

He continued on: “He talked about explosive devices being sent to former government officials. He made no mention of an explosive device sent to this building behind me, the headquarters of CNN, A news organization he routinely attacks. He calls reporters the enemy of the American people. And, yet, he said it’s the media’s fault for the kind of reporting that media organizations have been doing.”

Speaking from a lobby of the building adjacent to CNN headquarters, Cooper further added: “What happened today was an act of terror. Terror designed to kill or maim, to scare, or to silence. Now, thankfully, none of those targeted were hurt nor were any of the people who handled the explosive devices, I’m talking about postal workers, couriers, security guards.”

Watch above, via CNN

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