Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera Battle Over Fox News: You Used to Fight The Spin, ‘Now You Are The Spin!’


Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher tonight and strongly defended his network.

Bill Maher began by applauding Rivera as a journalist but couldn’t help himself but ask, “Why Fox News?” Rivera called that a “fair question.”

“I think that your characterization of Fox is a stereotype, with all due respect,” Rivera responded. “I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-immigration reform. I’m pro-gun control. And I’m on Fox News. It’s easy because Sean Hannity, for instance, is such a big personality, to say that he represents the sum total of Fox, but I think that, with due respect, that there are more voices. It’s not state-run TV. It has a conservative leaning… MSNBC is as liberal and as progressive as you can possibly be, aside from this show.”

Maher pushed back against the comparison, arguing that MSNBC “sticks to the truth” and that they “don’t make things up,” to which Rivera pushed back by pointing to the “Russia collusion” narrative.

“Where’s the collusion?” Rivera asked. “It’s an illusion!”

“This is what I don’t get,” Maher told Rivera. “I remember thinking of you as a crusading reporter who was fighting against the spin. I feel like now you are the spin.”

“That is such bull!” Rivera exclaimed.

Rivera continued to defend Fox News, citing anchors Shep Smith, Bill Hemmer, and Bret Baier as “straight news guys.”

Watch the clip above via HBO.

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