Charlamagne Rips Trump on Fox News: Nothing ‘Makes Me Think He Cares About Black and Brown People’

Radio host Charlamagne tha God slammed President Donald Trump on Fox News host Shannon Bream‘s show Monday evening and suggested Trump’s pandering to black and brown Americans is all talk with no action. Trump will never address his former attorney Michael Cohen‘s claims about Trump’s attitude toward colored folk, Charlamagne said, because he does not care about them.

“I don’t think he would come because I don’t think he cares about our audience. There’s nothing about Donald Trump that makes me think he cares about black or brown people,” he said.

Bream said perhaps Trump’s frequent talk about black and brown Americans is evidence that he cares and acknowledges a need to appeal to that group of people. McKelvey responded that he would welcome Trump’s actions helping the black and brown communities if it was his doing. Trump’s talk of colored folk is an attempt to take credit for former President Barack Obama‘s actions, he added.

“It was the policies Barack Obama and fermented that caused the unemployment rate to be so low for African-Americans and Donald Trump is taking credit,” he said. The radio host added if Trump wants to debate with him or other members of the black and brown communities he is welcome to take the initiative.

Watch above via Fox News.

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